The benefits of buying local

The benefits of buying local

Who would have thought we would all be here in 2020, living through a pandemic, everyone walking around with masks is our new normal. The pandemic has highlighted how vulnerable our economy is and that every business has been affected. This is where the local is lekker movement has become important in supporting the local and vulnerable businesses.

Buying local not only helps small businesses to feed their families but it is seen as the best way to be environmentally friendly and support your community.

There are many advantages to buying local, here are a few to think about when going shopping;

Stimulating the economy

When you purchase food and other goods that are produced locally you fuel the economy in which you live. Jobs are created, or preserved, the community earns money, and it all thrives and grows.

Quality control

Purchasing locally means that you know a bit more about quality control, you know that certain foods have been grown or refined in a way that meets the South African requirements. Locally produced food items, are generally more fresh than items that must be shipped in from hundreds or thousands, of kilometers away.

Promotes farming

Increased local produce sales, enables farmers to farm more produce and possibly expand farming operations there by increasing food security as opposed to urban sprawl. It is important for our environment to keep our land rich and able to grow food from it to feed the community. We can do with less developments and more with farms that feed.

It really is lekker!

 You can’t deny that when you go to a local farmers market, food or goods market there is a vibe to it and the experience is great fun. You meet your local businesses, get to know your community, discover really cool products that are made in your “back yard” and you become a part of your community.

So next time you plan on buying a beautiful piece of clothing, getting a gift for a loved one, or even stocking up the pantry cupboard, maybe go out or online and see if there are local options, who knows you might be impressed by the broad range of products our local businesses are creating and services they are offering.

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