Quick and easy Milk Tart Recipe

Before this recipe, I had never tried making milk tart, I can say I am blown away at how easy it is! Especially this specific recipe, its actually too easy because I end up finding every excuse in the book to whip up a milk tart but the excuse of "it's heritage day" is possibly the best.  I received this recipe from my niece who had to do a South African recipe for her Afrikaans project and man was it...

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The benefits of buying local

Who would have thought we would all be here in 2020, living through a pandemic, everyone walking around with masks is our new normal. The pandemic has highlighted how vulnerable our economy is and that every business has been affected. This is where the local is lekker movement has become important in supporting the local and vulnerable businesses.Buying local not only helps small businesses to feed their families but it is seen as the best way to be environmentally...

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5 of our Favourite Coffee Spots in the Deep South

The people of the Deep South love their coffee. We have asked some local coffee nuts about their favourite spots here in our quaint little Valley. We've come up with a list of places to grab a cup of coffee, each with unique character, to help you find something extra special, be it a top-quality venue or an astronomical cup of coffee, these are the best places we know to brighten up your day and a great way to...

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Nicky’s style coronation chicken salad

Not sure what to have for lunch, tired of just grabbing something unhealthy because you have no time and feeling unsatisfied after lunch? Maybe it’s time to try something different. This twist on coronation chicken is super easy and absolutely delicious! All you need are just a few simple ingredients:2 x chicken breasts50 ml Nicky’s Preserves Curry Mayo6 x dried apricotsHandful plus a pinch for garnish shaved almonds2 x handfuls Baby spinachHalf a red pepperChives for garnish1x handful of Rocket½ Tsp...

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Our Story

Our Story: Two Valley mom’s create e-commerce platform to support local businesses Andrea Hoffman and Kirstin Sham, two local moms in the Valley are using their expertise, to give small local business access to online retail sales.Andrea is the proud owner of a busy design agency Evolve Unlimited which would not have been able to handle the ever increasing demands it faced during 2017 without the diligence and creativity of her senior designer Kirstin Sham. Andrea found Kirstin on the...

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PURA Cucumber and Lime Virgin Mojito Recipe

With lockdown level “3.2” implemented and access to your adult beverages banned yet again, some people might be getting a little thirsty. Why not try this refreshing virgin cocktail, a healthy alternative for the warm weekend coming up here in the South Peninsula.

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